Food Not Bombs Myanmar Continuing To Provide For The Most Needy

Myanmar punks know fully well that “punk rock” and “hardcore” isn’t just about the fucking music and riffs – it’s about going out there and doing something. Going out there and helping those in need THROUGH music. Fuck you if you still don’t understand this shit. Fuck you if you still look down at people involved in hardcore and punk rock who have things to say. Fuck you if you still roll your eyes if someone gets on stage and talks about the ills of our society and how we should all collectively be doing better for those who most need our help.

Check out this write up of what Food Not Bombs Myanmar has been doing…

“Thanks a lot to our supporters who donated to FnB these last days. We just want to let you know that last week, we were able to support 1361 people with rice, noodles, eggs, oil, soap, masks and hand gel. These days, our volunteers are staying home and respecting the lockdown imposed by the government for Thingyan. We will resume our actions in Yangon next week.

Sadly, also right now, in Rakhine state, there are war problems. Over 1000 refugees are in a very bad situation. We really want to support them as much as we can. As we can’t go there, I contacted a friend from there and we are currently planning how we can support them. We will let you know soon about it!!”

Stay up to date in how you can help by clicking here:

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