Flint Knife Murder – Telling Obscure Indian Folklore Through Death Metal [India]

Indian death metal band Flint Knife Murder has released a new EP which they state as “Telling obscure Indian folklore through Death Metal”.

Check out their full write up below:

We started this journey last year to let off some steam due to being cooped up at home during the pandemic. Having grown up in Shillong – the Rock and Metal capital of India, we knew Metal was the only way out.

We began re-recording and re-mastering some old demos from as far back as 2014 which had never seen the light of day. After getting a very encouraging response on our self-titled EP (2020), we began writing material for our latest release – Aadi Rakshas.

The Aadi Rakshas EP (March 2021) is a concept which tries to bring together elements of folk storytelling, traditional and tribal drum patterns and Indian instruments with Death Metal.

The first track ‘Rakta Katha’ is an instrumental that introduces the protagonist of the stories. The second track, ‘Rai’ is based on the lore from the Sunderban Forests about the King of the Man-eating tigers. The third track ‘Kadaknath’ brings to life a character from someone’s darkest nightmares…a possessed chicken who wreaks havoc when it enters reality. It is based on the rather strange breed of chicken from East India with the same name. The final track – ‘Elokeshi’ is the tale of the Tarakeshwar murder incident of 1873. It tells the untold misery of the victim who never got her justice.

The three stories tie together their grotesque nature and a complete narration through the style of Death Metal which embodies the EP – Aadi Rakshas that translates from Hindi to mean – ‘Ancient Beasts'”


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