Fire New Video Production Crew – Againsthewallrec – Release First – Kids On The Move

It is always so special and SERIOUSLY means so much to us (me) when newly formed parts of the Asian hardcore scene hit us up directly to tell us about their new entity – and we don’t mean bands, there’s a submit news page for that, we’re talking about new video production companies, record labels, zines, stores, etc. You know, the OTHER aspects of a community that continue to FUEL any thriving community. Yes, you need them bands…but without photographers, videographers, zines, websites, blogs, stores, record labels, promoters, you got no one helping PROMOTE said bands.

Last night we were hit up by the one man force behind Malaysia’s new Hate5Six inspired video production group called Againstthewallrec:

“We’re currently just a nonprofit organization and I’m doing it by myself with a few friends who wanted to help. It is definitely inspired by hate5six because the way hate5six has introduced so many US and UK bands to the world, I want to do the same thing here for Malaysia and eventually SE Asia.”

That is a lofty endeavor! We thought for sure there was an entire team of people behind the new project.

“For now, there are about 2-3 people involved but it’s still mainly me doing the camerawork and the editing. But I hope I can at least start getting 2-3 videos up per month!”

“My goals is to give the audience an idea about the Malaysian hardcore scene so that more people would recognize there are a lot of hardcore bands in Malaysia. Also, I do want to add that since I know quite a lot of people in Malaysia, eventually I hope I can start filling bands of other genres as well.”


The first video he’s released is of legendary Malaysian melodic hardcore band Kids on the Move.

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