“When Filipino Kids Say ‘Hardcore is Back’, They’re Not Kidding” – Show Review by RJ

The following show review was submitted by RJ…perfect timing because fullset live videos were also just released. 

When Filipino hardcore kids say “hardcore is back,” they are definitely not kidding.

On July 9, BADMOUTH played a reunion set at 123 Block with a lineup of pure mosh-inducing, thought-provoking sound.

The show was opened by CONSTRICTION, which had everyone going nuts. The band has influences from mid-2000s heavy hardcore/metalcore/metallic hardcore such as Foundation and Buried Alive. CONSTRICTION ended the set with a Foundation cover. Next was SANDY GOOD with their doom/sludge-influenced brand of hardcore. After SANDY GOOD is REACT, with some mid-2000s hardcore sound that will remind you of No Turning Back and Backtrack.

After REACT was BADWAVE, a new hot and upcoming and with a sound that can be best described as heavily influenced by skateboarding, Blind Justice, and Drain. (Their demo will be released soon via Still Ill.) after BADWAVE’s , CLEAN SLATE opened theirs with a cover of The Rival Mob’s Intro Grunt, with RJ dancing around like some kid in a toy store.

After CLEAN SLATE ended, DENOUNCED started setting up. A chance for the show goers to take like a few minutes of rest, since everyone was moshing since 6:00PM. DENOUNCED played their anti-cop anthem and as soon as they ended, PAST FORWARD from San Pablo City and their beatdown sound with lyrics about life struggles and the value of being true to oneself. WEST came in next, a legendary Tondo-based hardcore got everyone (as in everyone) moshing. What more can you expect from a band like WEST?

The last two bands before BADMOUTH were VEILS and BARRED. Fitting pair for a very solid night. VEILS and their brand of metallic blacked hardcore, and BARRED with their H8000 sound. They ended the set with an Arkangel cover.

Now for the headliner: BADMOUTH. BADMOUTH last played in early 2019, with members going their own ways, but this band has not lost its musical touch. Starting the set with an INTRO and then going straight to CHOKE was a great touch. Circle pits and singalongs are guaranteed. Then they played ANTI next, and after words of thanks, straight up played a cover of EXCALIBUR (by Mindforce). Next, they played DISSIMULATE with iconic lines “call for vengeance, call for reality.” Next is a song done with the Mainland Crew called MAINLAND, and ending the set with VICTIMS with lines “we are the victims of mistakes you made.”

If you want to experience a bit of the feeling during that show, go to tekpiece (videos have been embedded) and Stupor on Youtube. Gab of Hardcore Hope was also there, so expect uploads from Hardcore Hope as well

Oh, and this is a benefit show, and all proceeds were duly transferred to them.

Written by: RJ

Photo Credits: Jhona Labe

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