Our Favorite Type of Death Metal – Old School. Oldskull Unleash Debut Album [Thailand]

Easily one of our favorite types of extreme music is anything that harks back to the early 90’s era of death metal…anything that has that vibe immediately reminds us of the old days sitting on the back of a school bus in our Death shirt with BIG ass headphones on blasting anything Entombed/Grave/Pestilence/Morbid Angel/Obituary/Napalm Death (Harmony Corruption-era) friendly and shutting out the rest of the world.

Thai old school death metal band, aptly called Oldskull, have finally dropped their debut full length ‘Neither Hollow of No Return’ and everything is nostalgia-heavy. Just look at the artwork:

Then when you hit play and you listen to the production, the insane amount of reverb on the vocals, the heavy-slower Obituary sounding riffs…FUCK…so damn good.

Lucky for all of us – Inhuman Assault Productions out of Thailand is releasing this on vinyl. MUST. HAVE. We’re going to enjoy this over the coming few weeks. Slowly and joyfully.


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