Fanzui Xiangfa 2015 China Tour

Fanzui Xiangfa

Two days in a row of news about Fanzui Xiangfa – are we a little biased about how good this band from China is? Of course.

Check out the full press release below – grab a cup of coffee, it’s long! Hahaha:

“This October Beijing’s fast-core legends Fanzui Xiangfa and Umeå, Sweden’s indomitable 80’s punks Bad Nerve, join forces for a mini-tour of China. The tour coincides with the celebration of Fanzui Xiangfa’s ten year anniversary. This band is no stranger to vinyl collectors and devotees of China’s underground, many of whom have eagerly awaited and promptly snapped up a steady stream of 7” singles from the band over the past decade. This tour gives vinyl collectors another reason to sweat; Fanzui Xiangfa will be offering their complete, collected, and career-spanning 24-track discography on CD and vinyl LP as released by Genjing Records.

This joint tour was conceived out of a Scandinavian tour and a split 7” release on Genjing Records for the two bands in 2014. Bad Nerve now bring their energetic brand of noisy hardcore punk to the Middle Kingdom for the first time and they’re poised to destroy stages across China with the support of friends and local acts from every dark corner of the country’s DIY underground. Don’t miss your rare chance to see these two bands performing together and “Go, No Slow!”

10/21 — The Roof [Luoyang]
10/22 — SubArk [Xinxiang]
10/23 — VOX [Wuhan]
10/24 — 46 Bar [Changsha]
10/25 — YuYinTang [Shanghai]
10/27 — The Void [Nantong]
10/28 — On The Way [Hefei]
10/29 — Downtown Bar [Qingdao]
10/30 — School Bar [Beijing]
10/31 — Temple Bar [Beijing]


Beginning in 2006 Fanzui Xiangfa has been tearing up stages in Beijing and across the world with a lightning fast hardcore sound and pointed lyrics that champion DIY ethics. The band includes members from three different continents who each can lay claim to a long history of participation in local punk scenes, representing such formidable former projects as Banana Peel (Guilin), Si Dou Le (Wuhan) and DS-13 (Sweden). Even after ten years of performance and recording, Fanzui Xiangfa have maintained a consistent sound with a foundation in ultra-fast 80’s inspired hardcore that draws their own distinct aesthetics to the fore. Each member of the band sings in their own native language and brings their own unique perspective to the band.

Fanzui Xiangfa released their debut CD in 2006. Since then the band has focused on vinyl record releases, adding four 7”s, including splits with international acts Daighila (Malaysia), SS20 (Germany) and Bad Nerve (Sweden) to their catalog. Their complete discography, a total of 24 tracks, has recently been compiled for release on CD and vinyl LP by Genjing Records.

Over the past decade Fanzui Xiangfa has played numerous shows in Beijing as well as multiple tours in China, Europe and southeast Asia. This fall they’re back on the road for a string of shows in China and Korea, bringing their brand of hardcore punk to a venue near you.


?? / Liu Liu: vocals
?? / Chong Zhuang: guitar
?? / Ni Fan: guitar/vocals
?? / Mao Bing: bass/vocals
?? / Kuang Ma: drums/vocals


2006 Criminal Minds CD
2010 split 7” with Daighila (Malaysia)
2010 split 7” with SS20 (Germany)
2011 s/t 7”
2014 split 7” with Bad Nerve (Sweden)
2014 Discography LP / CD

You can listen to their music at


Genjing Records is a Beijing-based record label specializing in vinyl from Chinese artists. We aim to promote vinyl and DIY culture in China while creating links between Chinese musicians and their counterparts around the globe. We support the Chinese community, spreading information about Chinese bands abroad while raising awareness of international DIY scenes within China.

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