EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Metallic hardcore band Dagger drop new track [Hong Kong]

SONG: Live Your Life

We are thrilled to present to you an exclusive premiere of Hong Kong metallic hardcore band Dagger‘s brand new track entitled Live Your Life. The band sent in an explanation of the song and the lyrics which you can find further below. They have made the song available as a free download which you can download here.

Dagger began in January 2017 by members of now defunct Hong Kong hardcore bands King Ly Chee, Yau Dong and currently still active band Fight Club. The members were looking to play music with a much heavier and more riff-based slant and quickly were able to not only write music, but release a 6 song self-titled EP both digitally and on limited edition cassette (May 2017). The cassette was released by Singapore hardcore label Dangerous Goods. The EP is now digitally available for free download HERE and the cassette is still available HERE.

The track All Hope is Gone off the EP got some visual support in the form of Dagger’s first music video shot by Mike Sakas.

After releasing the EP, the band took their music to live stages not just around their hometown Hong Kong but to neighboring regions such as Singapore, Taichung and Taipei. They have also announced their first trek into the glorious world of underground music in Mainland China to take place on May 6th at a venue in Shenzhen very close to the hearts of some of the members of the band – Base Bar 根據地酒吧.

Live Your Life was actually part of a 3 song recording session that took place in February of this year. The other 2 songs, titled Poison and Set Fire, will be released later this year as a split 7″ with a band yet to be announced. Like the self-titled EP, the 3 tracks were recorded and edited by their close friend Naseem Khan in Hong Kong. Naseem is the vocalist of progressive metalcore band Parallel Horizons. The music was mixed by Taylor Young of The Pit studios in California and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

This is what the band had to say about the track’s content:

“This is actually not technically a new song. It’s been part of our live set since the summer of 2017 which had the endearing title of “song 9” since at that time it was the 9th song we had written! hahahaha…

Lyrically, the inspiration for this song came from a situation that arose when it was announced that Taiwan was going to be the first place in Asia that was going to legalize gay marriage (To find out more about the announcement please read some of the many news clippings here). We were ecstatic to hear this amazing piece of news and especially happy for the members of the LGTBQ community who reside there.

But like clockwork, the idiots came out trolling including religious groups here in Hong Kong who began touting their tired old holier than thou “sanctity of marriage” argument. To us, the fact that they can get up on a pedestal waving the flag of “religious morality”, yet are nowhere to be found when the pedophiles within their midst destroy the lives of young children, is despicable and is something that they should be utterly ashamed of.”


They can’t stop you.

Live your life.

These clueless fools
They come at you
With dated views
To change you

They talk about
What’s wrong with you
Yet let scum roam
Free to abuse

Under the guise of
their holiness

Their hatred unmasks
their ugliness

You leave these kids alone

You talk about those rights?
Those rights to love.

Every time you open your mouth
I want to rip it right the fuck out.

We stand with you.

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