EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Indonesian hardcore punk band Under 18 debut badass new track!

under 18

Fuck yeah! Sole purpose of this website from the get go was to support Asian hardcore, punk and metal. We had no idea that people outside of this world, from all walks of life were also going to be super stoked on this website…means a lot thanks for your support!

But we’re ESPECIALLY psyched when our fellow hardcore brethren are the ones who are really hyped on what we’re doing and want to be a part of it. Hence today’s exciting post…

Indonesian hardcore is a beast. The scene continues to produce, support and encourage countless world-class hardcore bands the amount of which is unseen anywhere else in Asia – both in quantity and quality. Today we have the immense honor of exclusively premiering a track from a well known Indonesian hardcore act – Under 18. The band has been at this game building hardcore in Bandung since 1997 – dudes were 15 when they started the band! In about a month these guys are going to put out their third full length entitled Keep The Faith. Legends in their own right, Armstretch Records, will be in charge of putting this out to the masses.

under 18

The song that has been given to us is called Menatap Kedepan. The song, sung in Bahasa, has an English translation which means “looking forward”. Vocalist, Seeon, explains that the song is about motivation and struggle for everyday people going through their daily lives. The song itself also features vocals from Rey of Step Ahead – another phenomenal Indonesian hardcore band.

The band is accepting worldwide orders now for this record through email:
[email protected] or Whatsapp +6282119112071

Get on the Under 18 party wagon at their facebook to look out for more info:




Please also check out Under 18’s own bandcamp as well as soundcloud pages for more updates on the record:


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