EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Indian hardcore band Death By Fungi release new EP

Death by Fungi

Indian hardcore band Death By Fungi are back with an abrasive slew of new tracks entitled in dearth of mixed by none other then Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos fame. Death By Fungi are the type of band that takes any “rulebook” of a particular genre, shits all over it, burns every page, rips page out of page out of that said full of shit garbage and creates their own. The mass of tracks on this thing are sonically heavy as FUCK – once again, thanks clearly to Andy’s sense and touch of this type of heavy music for doing such a brilliant job of raising the level of awesomeness. At times sounding like Touch Amore, at times sounding like Every Time I Die, at times sounding like Code Orange…these guys bring the goods.

death by fungi

Art by Anoop Bhat http://anoopkbhat.in/

If you haven’t heard any hardcore from the “sub-continent” (Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh) – THIS is a great place to start!

Check out some choice words from the mainman behind this act Vrishank:

So tell us about the release.
We’re extremely stoked about and proud to release “In Dearth Of”. It’s been a completely cohesive effort for us and it involves us trying to break the archetypical hardcore sound while maintaining the musical driving force of the genre. We’ve experimented with time signatures, guitar pedals and clean vocals, consciously and subconsciously, and we’re very happy with the outcome – a mess of metallic and punk riffs with post-rock sounds and large-sounding chords.

death by fungi

How did you end up working with Andy Nelson from Weekend Nachos and why did you go with him?
Kshitiz Moktan (Sangharsha/Chepang) told me about him and since I was such a huge Weekend Nachos fan, I thought it would be pretty cool to work with him and have the honor of having him mixing our record. He was super helpful and added a lot to the record, put up with all of our pickiness and by the end of it, put out a mix that all of us loved and were happy with.

Death by Fungi

How easy is it to get to a studio and find a local producer in India that gets where you’re coming from musically? I don’t assume that there is a big understanding for hardcore/punk there?
Earlier, it wasn’t so easy and bands struggled a lot. But things are MUCH better now. We tracked drums at That Studio with the legend himself, Anupam Roy (Bhayanak Maut, Scribe) and he pushed us to perform the best we could. We recorded guitars and bass with our Sameer Rahat (Joshish) and vocals with Abhishek Kamdar (Devoid). We often felt that the hardcore sound wasn’t very well known or understood but we were wrong. I remember Anupam saying that, sonically, we fell somewhere between “old school Napalm Death and The Dillinger Escape Plan” with a more raw punk sound and at that moment, I thought to myself “There are people who finally get it!” Today, Mumbai is great for recording extreme music, no exceptions – it just takes more work and more monetary resource

Death by Fungi

What’s next for the band?
We’re hoping to do a split with out friends in Jugaa this summer (thought it might not happen because of time and work constraints on both ends) while writing for a full-length. We don’t want to record a full-length until we have more than 25 minutes of solid material written and in place, so who knows when that’s going to happen! We’re also playing a few shows this summer and organizing a few of our own.


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