“This EP is An Acerbic Takedown of Political Apathy” THE RIOT PEDDLERS Drop New EP [India]

Widely considered India’s first hardcore punk band, THE RIOT PEDDLERS have celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day with a 3-track EP aptly entitled ‘High Horse’.

“Clocking in at just over six minutes, the three-song EP is a prolific, poignant, passionate, persuasive, purposeful, and perspicacious playlist that’s sure to positively leave listeners with a playful, perky, and preposterous pints of pretty much, priceless points, to ponder upon. It promises to be a punky listen.

The EP begins with ‘High Horse’, a biting takedown of political apathy. Running at an impressive 190 seconds (or 03m10s), the track is also the band’s longest professionally recorded song to date.

“Inconvenience Regretted” has been revitalized with oodles of angular ferocity; the song questions the futility of the daily grind of the common Indian.

Finally, the popular live number, “Chai Paani” has been bolstered with a high-energy performance. Featuring a trombone by Ramon Ibrahim and guest backing vocals by several Indian musicians, friends, and fans of the band, the song lampoons the reality of corrupt law and order officials.

The three-song EP is visually brought together by artwork from renowned political cartoonist, Manjul, that ties the three songs together into a singular piece of art. “Creating the EP cover artwork for ‘The Riot Peddlers’ was an exhilarating experience, allowing me to visually capture the band’s rebellious energy and spirit. The artwork serves as a testament to the power of music as a medium for social commentary and artistic expression,” said Manjul.

“We began recording this labour of love in January 2023 and the output has been worth it. This EP marks the end of an era for us as a 3 piece band and we look forward to writing and releasing new hard-hitting, aggressive music with our new lineup,” said Dhruv Sarkar, drummer of the band.

The Riot Peddlers believe in a simple adage:
Do things not because someone told you to, but because you want to.

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