Drummer of Post Hardcore Band chime with her Releases New Single/MV [Japan]

The drummer of Japanese post hardcore band chime with her has released a new single of his solo project heine died in a funeral.

“I used to like music such as envy and converge, and had been in several bands in that genre in the past. However, due to the Corona disaster and other circumstances, I was no longer able to play in bands, and when I decided to go out on my own, I decided to soften the hardcore soundscape I had been working with and portray more of my vulnerability.

This is the 10th track to be released by the band, and is an ambitious work that he handled all the tracks himself except for the bass guitar, which he also recorded and mastered himself. “LEAVING THE STRUGGLE, WE WAIT FOR THE DAWN” was an instrumental collection of nine songs released in 2022-2023, featuring piano and synths, while this is the first release to incorporate poetry readings and a band sound reminiscent of Midwest Emo and Post Hardcore. The song is based on Emo, Midwest Emo, and Post Hardcore of the 90’s and revival generation, which are his background, and features beautiful guitar work, expressive piano lurking in the roaring parts, and a unique beat produced from the perspective of a drummer with a long career.”


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