Documentary preview of Tajikistan’s rock metal community

In the world of international punk rock, hardcore and metal there is a man that has quite literally become a myth and a legend. His name is Luk Haas and he is THE man to get in touch with if anyone from anywhere on this planet is traveling to any other place anywhere in the world! Hahahaha…quite literally I have had the most random people from the craziest parts of the world contact me because they’re coming to Hong Kong and “Luk Haas speaks highly of you and said I should get in touch with you”. The amount of times that has happened is pretty insane…

So…as always…anything this legend posts on his Facebook page or wherever, I’m always interested. Since starting this website this past April – everything he posts is even more useful as we continue to make this website an insane resource and information rich website.

So here you go…he posted up a trailer for a documentary about rock music in Tajikistan! Tajikistan dude! Did I tell you Luk has his fingers in almost every scene everywhere?

Enjoy the trailer below…once the full documentary’s up you can be sure that we’ll be premiering it here to help support our fellow rock brethren in Tajikistan!

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