DEMO ALERT: Metal Band Chronicles Close Year Off With New Demo [Bangladesh]

Bangladesh-based metal band Chronicles is closing off the year with a taste of their upcoming demo to be released on Portugese label Heldprod Records.

Here’s the full write up:

“The rising sun hides the most profound abyss, everything single sunlight ray warms a cryptic stone in which the throne of skulls shines brighter than the chaste morning. It’s between this thin red line that the horizon uncovers from Bangladesh the mighty powers of CHRONICLES.

Starting in 2015 it was only in 2019 that they released the first EP named “WarMachine” with four brutal songs combined with a great technical and occult structure. Being from so far away they didn’t only impress a lot of local scene followers but also the international media. The follow-up dragged CHRONICLES to a whole new level of obscurity and aggression. “Astōdān” erupts five spears in your chest and punishes your beliefs with a black blood dose of cruel death metal.

Now 2022 it’s on its way to reveal their new demo untitled “Chaos Cosmogony”. Yes, expect another deadly explosion in your face. This time six nails are carved in your black hole coffin as the starless night embraces your anguished funeral. Primitive and damned are these latest raw death metal hymns and also destined to defile CHRONICLES into the map of torments.

To be released throughout Helldprod Records in a parallel dimension haunted by your most inner horrors.”

The band here:

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