DEMO ALERT: Hardcore Kids Dropping Heat In New Death Metal Band – END OF ALL [Singapore]

As many of us hardcore kids know, the marriage of metal, death metal, hip hop, and more recently, adjacent elements like shoegaze/dreamgaze/grunge, are all part and parcel of the natural evolution of “hardcore”. Yes, of course there are going to be the diehards who are going to shit all over this and state “keep hardcore, hardcore”. Valid. But it’s also fun when bands put their middle fingers up to that sentiment and try new things because you know what, it’s a fucking free world so fuck you.


That’s all to say, check out Singapore hardcore kids who’ve done time in such SICK bands as ERROR, 2DK, STATE OF PAIN, and TRUE ENEMY who’ve come together under the moniker END OF ALL.

The band states, “We’re a DUMMY DEATH METAL band that started when our guitarist Sufi (Error, 2DK) and drummer Afiq (State Of Pain, True Enemy) wanted to bring a more death metal influenced sound to the local hardcore scene. Death metal in the current local scene is not as active as the hardcore scene and we hope to bridge the gap between both genres, inviting anyone be it from any generation, fan of whichever genre to just enjoy our music. Despite our members playing in other local hardcore bands, we have always been big fans and listeners of death metal. Bryant who does vocals for us was instantly brought into the band after checking out his previous unreleased project. Syafiq then joined soon after to take on bass despite his busy and hectic schedule and thus, the band was formed.”

Singapore has always been a place where hardcore gets to run the gamut of sounds – for example you’ve got bands like FUSE:


To grindcore giants WORMROT:

To beatdown acts like KILL ON SIGHT:

To one of our all time favorite Asian releases – STRAIGHT FORWARD

In END OF ALL’s case, the tracks consist of 3 songs. “We’ve got fast parts, slow chugs, groovy beats, slams and breakdowns. The lyrical themes of the songs are mainly about dark fantasy (think Diablo, DnD). The last track “Hateful Intent” talks about wanting to get rid of certain cowards in this world and features Irfan from local beatdown band 2DK.”

Go rip that shit up!

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