Death Metal trio Nekrohowl release live videos from Death To False Metal Fest [Bangladesh]

Death Metal trio Nekrohowl release live video from Death to False Metal Fest in Bangladesh.

Here’s some background on this insane band who’re about to release their debut EP:

“Originally started as a death metal quartet in the crypt of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nekrohowl was formed a year ago by the members of acclaimed local acts like Abominable Carnivore, Dissector, Enmachined and Homicide. A death evoking, rotten sounding rehearsal demo was soon manifested, which was followed by an oversea live annihilation on the other side of the Bengal — Kolkata, India. With the vilest form of sound and high-powered live performances, they have marked their place as a formidable force in the realm of South Asian extreme metal music.

Earlier in the year, the band encountered with lineup issues, when the vocalist and drummer had to left the band, but that did not stop Nekrohowl from blazing fiercely; Warmonger (Warhound, Ex: Orator) as a replacement in the position of drum-hammering and Obliterator taking over the charge of vocal duty turned them as a power trio, and this incident marks a significant step forward for the band. Climbing to the peak of their powers with this monstrous lineup, the bestial trio embarked on a mini-tour, named as “Agonize and Excruciate Tour 2017”, to support Japanese death metal maestro Desecravity at their Dhaka, Kolkata and Shilong live dates.

Debut EP “Epitome of Morbid” is undeniably the most anticipating metal release from the country. With 05 tracks (including an intro), clocking in at around 20 minutes, the EP incorporates the captivating intricacy of Suffocation, sheer gruesomeness of Autopsy, belligerent tone of Immolation, vitriolic intensity of Morbid Angel, demon invoking power of Hellhammer, and malefic darkness of Dead Congregation. The song structures clearly demonstrate the members’ sole object of the exercise, and it is nothing but to play the hard-hearted form of death metal music. Whereas many contemporary old school rooted extreme metal bands from the subcontinent fail to sustain the primitive atmosphere because of the production, Nekrohowl has cautiously maintained that dark, rotten vibe of old school death metal within these tracks.

Limited number of copies of the EP will be released locally in digipak format, which will be followed by cassette issue from Malaysian label Diabolicurst Productions, and cd, cassette and vinyl release from American label Slaugherhouse Records. An EP launching gig will take place in Dhaka during the local digipak release date on 30th September, 2017.”

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