Death metal band Assault announce departure of guitarist [Singapore]

Death metal band Assault announce departure of guitarist [Singapore].

The following is the statement released by the guitarist, Yuda:

“It’s an honour to announce today that my chapter with Assault has ended. The band has come a long way and given me the opportunity to punch above my weight in terms of my musicianship. They could’ve easily found a more accomplished musician but they stuck with me and for that, I’m extremely grateful. With the success we’ve seen releasing The Fallen Reich, it’s time for me to step down as I can no longer give the band the commitment they require to reach the next level, but more importantly, to be able to deliver better music for all of you. I’m sure everyone would be very excited when you hear the new line-up, which is already in place.

I thank Assault and everyone of you that have supported us in many incredible ways. I’ll always remain part of the Assault family, just no longer on the stage.

God bless,

Assault’s lead singer, Clarence, also released a statement:

“We would like to thank Yuda for his dedication and playing an important role for the past 6 years with Assault! He will and will always be regards as part of the Assault family! Moving forward Assault will be announcing our new line up tomorrow!


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