The Day That President Tsai Stands Up to The CCP – Chthonic Release EPIC Live Video

Yesterday was a very special day in Taiwan because President Tsai held her inauguration address to the people of Taiwan and in it, she stated so many inspiring things letting the world know that she’s first and foremost all about the people of Taiwan. She states clearly that she and the people of Taiwan refuse the idiotic “One Country, Two Systems” bullshit that the CCP keeps touting as the way to solve the China/Taiwan issue. We here in Hong Kong are proof that this One Country, Two Systems facade doesn’t work. Here‘s a full article about her speech.

On the same day that she addressed Taiwan, we here in Hong Kong sat solemnly noticing the stark difference between our two “leaders”. Where Taiwan has someone who was voted in by the people of Taiwan, who speaks with calm, intellect, hope, empathy, understanding, yet is still strong in her stance and hope for Taiwan, we are stuck with someone who was not voted in by the people of Hong Kong and whose only duty is to fulfill the orders of Beijing to the detriment to our culture, language and core values and under whom the fabric of this city will continue to burn with rage.

One day this will change for us and we, the people of Hong Kong, will be able to vote for our own leader. Someone that puts the interests of the people of Hong Kong above everything else.

Taiwan – keep it up…we in Hong Kong love everything about you.

Also on the same day, Taiwan’s biggest metal export to the entire planet – Chthonic – released one of the most epicly shot and edited fullset live videos. The band performed with an orchestra to over 50,000 adoring fans AND in front of the Presidential Palace. CRAZY RIGHT!? That’s how much the band is respected and supported in Taiwan.

Here’s the setlist and the video is further below.


0:55 烏牛欄大護法 – 交響版 Millennia’s Faith Undone – Orchestra Ver.
3:45 真武 A Crimson Sky’s Command
7:25 烏牛欄大護法 Millennia’s Faith Undone
12:26 震洋 Oceanquake
16:40 共和 Next Republic
20:54 千歲 Taste the Black Tears
26:52 天誅 Flames upon the Weeping Winds
30:04 破夜斬 Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
36:09 暮沉武德殿 feat.血肉果汁機 Gigo (Live) Defenders of Bú – Tik Palace feat. Flesh Juicer
43:02 烏牛欄大護法 – 望天版 feat.何欣穗 Millennia’s Faith Undone – The Aeon’s Wraith Version feat. ciacia
48:33 皇軍 – 交響版 Takao – Orchestra Ver.
50:55 皇軍 feat.余天 Takao feat. Yu Tien is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!