When Dance On Your Grave Release Tracks – You Stop What You’re Doing and Listen [Malaysia]

The sun is shining here in Hong Kong and the weather is frickin’ gorgeous. There may be a BILLION issues here in the city but on this brilliant day one of our favorites, Dance On Your Grave out of Malaysia, has unleashed 2 brand new tracks so NOTHING is going to ruin our day.

Both these new tracks, according to the band, will be off their upcoming full length. “Fingers crossed that the new album will be released soon.”

Track 1: Stay
“The first song “Stay” is about how mainstream media lies and force-feeds society nothing but bullshit news and fearmongering.”

Track 2: Leave
“The second song “Leave” is that no matter how much this society may consider you “shit”, you are no slave. You are fully in control.”

And the band wants you to know, more importantly, “stay angry”.

Fuck yeah.

Band rules.

Go jam the tracks and spread the word.


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