D Beat Hardcore Band Pseudo Reality Drop 5 Song EP [Singapore]

One, maybe the only, good thing about the COVID hell that the world has succumbed to is the birth of many one-off projects all over the planet. Hong Kong label Mou Hoi has just released a 5 track EP by Singaporean d beat band Pseudo Reality. Crazy songs and DOPE AF cover art.

Here’s the write-up from the label:

“Ferocious hardcore & d-beat crammed into 5 tracks. Created During the pandemic by 4 individuals from so-called Singapore. Expressing views on abuse of power, racism, isolation, and the police state through this wall of noise. FFO: Green Beret, Totalitär and Tørsö. Amidst this pseudo reality, a better world is possible.”

According to the label, it’ll be out on cassettes soon!


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