D Beat Hardcore Band Jalang Drop New Music Video ‘Santau 65’ [Australia/Indonesia]

Indonesian/Australian d beat hardcore band Jalang fucking rules. They’ve just unleashed an awesome new music video with the full write up about the song below:

“This past 30th September 2021 marked the 56th anniversary of the massacre carried out by the Indonesian military. The massacre was aimed towards (anyone suspected to be) Communist in Indonesia in 1965. The most recent estimate puts upwards of 3 million people killed during this purge.

The aftermath of this tragedy was 32 years of a military dictatorship led by Suharto, over three decades filled with falsified histories, indoctrination to re-direct the narrative of the purge, and the entire nation’s ideology, combined with intense anti-left propaganda that still lingers on till date.

Our song “Santau 65” was inspired by this event, a story told by Jalang vocalist Alda’s mother; who witnessed the event unfold in the village where she grew up in East Java.”

The full album is streaming HERE.

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