D Beat Crust Punk Band Interadd Release New EP [Indonesia]

INTERADD is a D-Beat Crust Punk-inspired band from Kota Batu which was formed in mid-2019. Interadd’s own musical performance is influenced by Discharge, From Ashes Rise, Disfear, Alpinist, His Hero Is Gone, and Sarabante. At the end of 2019 INTERADD released DEMO ’19 which had entered several international media and local radio from Russia. After a long wait for a year, finally, now INTERADD has just released a new EP entitled “THE CONCRETED” taken from one of the song titles in this EP. A total of 8 tracks will be released by the Indonesian version by NEEDGUTS RECORDS & TARUNG RECORDS in the form of a tape cassette and the Malaysian version will also be released by BROKEN NOISE RECORDS. Previously, INTERADD also frequently participated in compilations such as Semburat # 5, Grow Between A Threat 15 & 17, and Compilation Indonesia D-Beat. After the release, there is actually a tour agenda for this EP. However, with this pandemic, the agenda plan was canceled first. Instead, there will be a release party celebration to account for this EP.

The EP “The Concreted” was created to tell a story as well as convey our point of view about Batu City. There are perspectives that we think are important to share. As a tourist city that has high natural potential, we feel that we are actually living under a threat. This is a matter of water catchment land which has been converted into the tourism industry and accommodation businesses, a matter of overexploitation of nature which will have a bad impact in the future and also a matter of concrete that is more fertile than trees. This complex problem is what worries us about Batu Tourism City, which is often imagined as the City of Concrete Tourism. Here we are not forcing you to adopt this perspective. As something that is shared, you can still use the perspective that you will use. However, Batu City remains a little paradise with beautiful landscapes that are under threat and a home for us as a place where we were born, grew and continue to be. We hope that the message conveyed in this EP has a major impact on public awareness, especially the people of Batu City, so that they can protect the natural ecosystem for future generations and be wiser in determining decisions on land to be sold to investors in terms of managing the tourism industry with exploitation. nature’s excess.

More info here: https://instagram.com/interaddcrust

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