Crowdfunding campaign begins to bring Vader to Vietnam after fall out from previous promoter

Crowdfunding campaign begins to bring Vader to Vietnam after fall out from previous promoter as we first reported here:

We fully support any initiative by a dedicated and passionate group of people who are proactive about changing their situation, so upon reading about this crowdfunding campaign we reached out to see how we can help them spread the world

Read below and then get in touch with them to help bring Vader to Vietnam the proper way and through respectable Vietnam-based promoters.

“To those not living here in Vietnam, the metal scene is in a ridiculously bad place and time.

We wish that promoting shows here wasn’t a competition. We know that this is a similar sentiment in many of our fellow metalheads in neighboring countries. So in this regard we are not alone, yet we still are alone. 


Right now in Nam, the metal scene’s remaining active members are trying their best/worst to save a lost cause. That cause is to bring VADER to the country and make their show happen through a crowdfunding campaign at:

We believe that once VADER’s flights, fees, and the production costs are all covered, then the show is destined to happen.

For the record, VADER are ridiculously hardworking professionals. They deserve complete respect from us as music fans and promoters. For artists of this caliber, their musical output and the massive inspiration is the motivation we need to make this happen.


To all foreign interested donors, please contact HEHEMETAL directly for details.

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