Crossover Thrash Kings Cut Lon Have Released A New Music Video [Vietnam]

Crossover thrash kings Cut Lon outta Vietnam have returned with yet another perfect music video to add to their endless catalog of hilarious music videos.

Read the write up below:

“Con Nhà Người Ta” means “Someone else’s child who always behaves & has better grades than you”. The song is quite emotional for us, as we wrote about memories of our parents beating the shit out of their child, for hanging out with friends, or having a bad exam test. We hate this fucking “Asian-style Parenting”. We certainly believe that there’re 10000 other ways to raise a child without physically or mentally hurting him/her. So this song is for you parents, thanks for being a “righteous example”, which we will never follow.

Vietnam is currently under heavy lockdown, so we asked our good friends to help us making the music video. Thanks to them we were able to release the music video, which hopefully, will spread some positivity during this hard time.”

The band wants to thank the following people:

Special thanks to:

▪︎ Sano (LowFat)
▪︎ Đang Huy ( OKKUL )
▪︎ Benjamin Stipanov
▪︎ Văn Mai (Corrupted Moonlight)
▪︎ Hai Dang (Corrupted Moonlight)
▪︎ Nguyễn Công Hoàng (KCBT)
▪︎ A Dính (7UPPERCUTS)
▪︎ Chuột Sấm Sét (ĐÁ SỐ TỚI)
▪︎ Charlie Smith (Punk Rock Bangkok)
▪︎ Bomb (ĐBB)
▪︎ Huỳnh Huy (District 105)
▪︎ Minh Béo (ex KCBT)
▪︎ Phạm Ngọc Thu Thủy
▪︎ Hải Vũ (Northern Soul Rooftop Bar)
▪︎ Lamie Bacon
▪︎ Thịnh (Cổ Động)
▪︎ Dương Bùi (ex WINDRUNNER)
▪︎ Nicco Long (Punk Rock Bangkok)
▪︎ Ân (Razor Leaf)
▪︎ Cuong Nguyen (Razor Leaf)
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