Cool collection of videos from recent This is Phnom Penh, Not LA show in Cambodia

THIS IS PHNOM PENH, NOT L.A. was an underground music extravaganza that took place at Oscar’s on the Corner in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

It featured the following bands:

Doch Chkae
(Phnom Penh, Khmer locals)

(Phnom Penh, Expats)

(Phnom Penh, Khmer locals)

Nightmare A.D.
(Phnom Penh, Expats)

Graf Orlock
(Los Angeles, Tourists. Like, they were on Tour.)

Main promoter of the event Ned Kelly had this to say about this collection of videos:

“All of the band’s sets were live-engineered and recorded by Danzo K and mixed by NK. So if the mix sucks, it’s not Danzo’s fault. I’d say it’s my fault, but since I get to write these liner notes, I think I’ll blame it on Hun Sen instead. He may know how to Prime Minister like a champ, but when it comes to audio production he’s a real amateur.

Each band’s set is available in its entirety in this playlist. The audio may have been mixed by Hun Sen, but it was not edited – so the stage banter and sometimes tedious interruptions like string breaks and whatever are all preserved, so you can get the real rock show experience while listening at home. That’s what Samdech Akeak Moha Sena Padey Techo Hun Sen claimed, anyways, but I think maybe he was just being lazy and didn’t feel like doing the edits. He’s a busy guy these days, with all of the American plots against Cambodia he has to root out, so we’ll cut him some slack this time. Still, I bet Kem Sokha would have done the edits and made a track list for each set with time links to each song, but he didn’t answer his phone when I called him, for some reason, no answer and no messages, he just vanished seems like. He’s probably just laying low until the election gets closer to avoid stirring up trouble. Smart move.

But seriously, folks: I would like to extend a huge thanks to Graf Orlock for coming out to Cambodia and playing. It meant a lot to a lot of people. Well, maybe not “a lot” of people in the broader sense of that term, but relative to the size of the music scene in Cambodia, it meant a lot to everybody. You guys were awesome and please come back again soon!

And special thanks to Oscar (The Man) and Oscar’s (The Bar) and Scott Bywater (The Bar Man?) for their hosting and their hospitality and their help. Oscar’s is located in Phnom Penh at the corners of St 104 and St 13 in the Riverside neighborhood – Live music every night of the week or nearly so! Stop on by.”

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