CNHC Fest Full Lineup Announced – October 17 and 18

CNHC Fest has announced the full lineup of this year’s hardcore fest in China. It will be held over two days – October 17 and 18 in Hangzhou. CNHC Fest have coordinated with Hangzhou Punk Fest to organize this year’s 16 band lineup of hardcore and punk acts from all over the country to converge in Hangzhou to fucking destroy the world. And the fest continues with the CNHC Fest theme since day one of its inception 9 years ago – ANYTHING under the “punk” “hardcore” umbrella is welcome. This year’s edition has NYHC style bands, crust-hardcore, trap metal, oi, punk rock, screamo, and so much more! The lineup includes the following bands Backhand Thrust, Gaiwaer, Airsfx, Dummy Toys, LCNH, The Loudspeaker, Rampage Time, Unregenerate Blood, Bennu is a Heron, Shoot The Gun, Accidental Collision, Bao Qing, Discord, and others. Check out some of the madness below!

Backhand Thrust
Chongqing based d beat madness!!!

Chengdu hardcore heroes

Unregenerate Blood
Chinese hardcore legends! Celebrating 15 years!

The Loudspeaker
Shanghai-based crust-hardcore band! THIS BAND FUCKING RULES!!!

Shoot The Gun
Shenzhen hardcore heroes!

Rampage Time
Shanghai Trap-Metal New Breeds!

Accidental Collision
Punk rock as FUCK! The way it should be – fuck that poppy shit…this is about setting fire to the system and rebuilding from the ashes!

Changsha punk rockers!

Bennu Is A Heron
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