China’s annual Thrash Till Death Festival announce this year’s lineup – read about the bands!

We are truly honored that the organizers of China’s annual Thrash Till Death Festival has sent us all this amazing information about the festival and the band’s taking part this year. Go read about it below! And if you’re down to make a trip out to Beijing this September 15, 2018 – make sure you check this fest out!

Oh by the way – the FOLLOWING week is the annual China Hardcore Festival (CNHC Fest) to be held on Sept 22 also in Beijing. Rumor has it, that there is an option of buying one ticket at Thrash Till Death Festival and it will give you access to BOTH festivals!

Tickets are on sale here:

『Thrash Till Death VIII』, one of the oldest heavy metal music festivals from Beijing, China, has become an annual reunion party for hundreds of metalheads from all over China.

Compared to our neighbor’s『True Thrash Fest』in Osaka who always manage to bring in some foreign big acts to hold down the fort, TTD here is fully focused on the Chinese underground metal scenes found all over the country. Though the name is “Thrash till Death” we do not hold ourselves to just promoting thrash metal all night long. Actually, at any of our events you will find a mix of thrash, heavy metal and black metal and in recent years we’ve even added hardcore/crust/metalpunk bands.

Last year was a remarkable moment for TTD because we were able to invite the infamous Tokyo Thrash Metal trio Abigail as the guest and headlining act. They literally blew up the entire venue with 300+ Chinese crazy metal fans.

This year, TTD is back again with 9 bands from China plus a ‘mystery’ after party.

CHOLERAIC (Thrash Metal)

Founded in 2012, Choleric from WuHan are a bunch of pure old school Thrash Metal maniacs in the very early German vein of SODOM and KREATOR! Quickly after forming the band also released their debut EP. They are one of the most active bands out there, having been invited to many local shows and different metal festivals around China. If you like German Thrash, Choleric is everything you ever wanted.

TRACTOR (Metalpunk)

D-beat metalpunk from Beijing and TTD’s long time old friend, Tractor have just released a split CD with Abigail this past May to incredibly favorable reviews from their fans. Originally they were more Motorhead worship but in recent years they reformed their sound to include more influences of 80’s Japanese Hardcore Punk.

Now unfortunately, the band has announced that by year’s end they will call it quits. So don’t miss ANY opportunity to watch this band while you still can!

HELL CITY (Metalpunk)

Mohawk! Mohawk! Mohawk! This is the heaviest mohawk punk band from China. Founded in 2014, and were originally a street punk band, Hell City later started to evolve with a much more metal sound. Hell City has gained a lot of respect from both the punk and metal scenes of China. Music-wise they are not only inspired by the mighty punk legends like Discharge, The Exploited, G.B.H, etc, but also you can hear influences of Motorhead, Toxic Holocaust, etc. as well!

D-CRASH (Crust/Hardcore punk)

D-Beat Crust/Hardcore from Beijing! This will be their second appearance at TTD. The band is heavily inspired by DOOM and DISCLOSE, D-CRASH is perhaps the most extreme D-beat hardcore act in the local scene who have also adopted several grindcore elements and early 1st wave black metal influences as well. Their shows are always dirty, chaotic and provocative! Their most recent mini album <Doom of authority> was released last year on Dying Art Records.

STRUGGLE SESSION (Fastcore/Power-Violence)

Formed by members hailing from Australia, Mexico, and America, Struggle Session is the one and the only fastcore band active in the Beijing underground scene. This will also mark their first appearance at TTD! Formed in late 2016, they have played over 50 shows since then all over the world including Spain, Korea and South America. They are simply defined as the ‘bad-ass boys’ by their extreme stage performance. They are against racial prejudice, sexual/gender discrimination and homosexuality, they just play for fun and for a various possibilities.

EAGERKILL(Thrash Metal)

Thrashing new force from ShanDong founded in 2016. This will be the band’s first ever show in Beijing. They are heavily inspired by bands like Slayer、Vio-lence、Dark Angel, etc. Though still young, they will definitely be a blast and ignite the mosh pit.

BAD CLUTCH (Retro Thrash Metal & Crossover)

Another new trio to TTD however the band members are already long time veterans of the underground metal scene in Beijing, mainly inspired by Havoc, Ultra-Violence, etc. They are aiming to spread some blood and speed into the night! is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!