CHECK OUT: Soon To Be Household Names In World Of Asian Emo – Playburst Drop Debut Album

Today’s a big day for us on the site…no, we have no members that play in said band Playburst…HOWEVER, we’ve been following this band since basically the day they formed. And no, the band did not form decades ago…this insane and highly productive band only formed this past March, released an EP, played a bunch of shows, was featured on TV, and TODAY…have released their breath-taking debut album entitled Positive Jams. Because we feel like we’ve been following and supporting them since day one – it feels like a victory for us as well! hahahah…yay us!

With the release of this incredible collection of music these Malaysian gentlemen, we are guessing that within months this band will be on the tip of everyone’s tongue as a much watch emo band from Asia. Their name should become just as synonymous with bands like Forests [Singapore], Chinese Football [China], US:WE [Taiwan], The Lovesong [Hong Kong], Eleventwelfth [Indonesia], and of course fellow Malaysian brethren Milo Dinosaur.

Go blast these amazing jams and share them far and wide…so far it’s only available on cassette which you can pick up at this link: but hopefully some generous label somewhere in the world will release this on vinyl!!!!

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