CHECK OUT: Indonesian hardcore band West Side Hoodz


West Side Hoodz from Bandung, Indonesia recently celebrated their latest album with a record release show. They put together a LIVE video from the night and you HAVE to check out the passion and love caught on camera below…super sick!

I was able to catch their singer Juanito online and threw him some questions:

So now that the record is out – how you feeling? 
We’re stoked! Sold more than we expected…we sold over 75% of our CD’s.

Wow! From that one show you sold over 75%? How many did you guys print!?
We printed 800.

The video recap for your album release show looks SICK! Now that the album release show is over what are your thoughts from that night?
It was a wild night! What a party…if you could come to our hometown you could feel the crowd of Bandung City.
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So tell us more about how Roger joined. How did you approach him? What did he say?
Roger is the most humble person I’ve ever worked with. We’ve had a business relationship for years…

I work as a band merch designer and I’ve done many designs for AF. So we often keep in touch…talk about music, life, family…and when he asked how my band was doing I asked him if it was possible that he could sing on one of our tunes. He said of course!


That’s great and shows just how humble hardcore is that even the LEGENDS will sing on records from anywhere in the world. What are some designs you’ve done for AF?


Lastly, how can people outside of Indonesia buy the record? Is it available for digital download? Where?

It’s not available for digital download…we sell it the traditional way on CD via our page…we ship it…simple.

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