CHECK OUT: Blackhour- classic rock ala Iron Maiden from Pakistan – SO GOOD!


THIS IS THE JAM! Check out a classic rock band from Pakistan called Blackhour who have released a politically charged music video for a song called Wind of Change which is found below. The song, as it states in the description, is for a yet untitled second album that they’re working on to be out by year’s end. You can hear some of their previously recorded material at their Soundcloud page further below the music video.

Get ready to be wowed by the vocal chops on the song Wind of Change and get ready to be pleasantly surprised by how the band fully wears their influences on their sleeves even up to the recording/production of the song! The intro of the song could easily have been found on any Iron Maiden record. But seriously, when the vocals come barreling in – BOOM! I’m done…hooked. Cannot WAIT for their second full length…

In an age where a lot of metal bands seem to be stuck on jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon changing style, sound and aesthetic to fit with whatever kids are into these days, it is so fucking refreshing to hear a band “keeping it real” by turning their backs on all that and just playing the type of rock that they love.

This is DOPE…

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