Check Out Multi-cam Full Set Live Video of Metallic Hardcore Band Whispers [Thailand]

We are so proud to say that we’ve been writing about Thai metallic hardcore band Whispers since back in 2016:

So it’s extra badass to see a band that we’ve believed in since day one – as we do with all the bands that we back on the site repeatedly since they come across our radar – get the worldwide recognition they’ve been getting these past few months. We don’t actually know what the magic formula is – why do some bands get that acknowledgment and some bands will go decades without any love. No idea. If we knew we’d definitely go out of our way to help so many awesome bands from all across Asia.

Punk Rock Bangkok has just released this immense multi-cam live footage of the band’s fullset video from the record release show in their hometown Bangkok. The site even has a write-up about the show and their thoughts – click HERE. The video fucking rules – phenomenal editing and the audio is straight-up almost PERFECT.

Go grab Whispers jams further below – including how it all began back in 2014. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Thai hardcore, we made a killer post listing a whole bunch of them that you can check out HERE.

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