CHECK OUT: Brand New Hardcore Band REXREZ Unleash Debut EP [THAILAND]

YOOOOOOOO…in Asia, we have our supergroups as well! Check out brand new hardcore band REXREZ on their debut dirty-AF EP entitled ‘STFU’. The band hails from Thailand and features members of BRAND NEWSUNSET, WHISPERS, MONUMENT X, and the legend Gap of HOLDING ON RECORDS holding it down on the vocals. Guitarist Suchai states, “We want a mixture of styles so there’s some fast hardcore with old school death metal riffs and even some grindcore blasts. The overall feel is ugly and noisey!” The production is so fucking good on this that with one hit of that play button you get your face smashed right in. “Noisey and ugly” is the best way to describe it but done with topnotch productions to make sure the power is not lost in the chaos. As for Gap on the vocals, “All I can do is sing man! I can’t play any instruments! hahaha…”

The EP will be out on cassettes via Holding On Records and Burning Hammer Records (Australia) and you know what’s crazy? The band’s debut show is opening for JESUS PIECE on November 12th.

Gap was kind enough to do a track by track breakdown for us:

1. Road of Salvation
“We’re just talking about life’s struggles. We can’t live a life with nothing. We need a target for salvation which you will survive for.”

“Self-explanatory haha sometimes people that don’t know you talk so much shit about you. We don’t care and don’t need to know you so shut the f up!”

3. Evil Antagonist
“Song is about how sometimes people around you, someone you trusted turns out to be someone different than who you thought they were. In this evil empire anyone can be your invisible enemy so please becareful.”

4. Life awareness
“Yeah this song is about how you should live your life. Consciousness. Decision is what you need to have for yourself awareness but if you have failed in the past just turn it into a life lesson.”

5. Rather Be Dead
“We love REFUSED but we need to make it more aggressive!”

6. Dying Soul
“This is the last song from the album so we’re talking about the last few things that will eventually come our way – like death.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!