Cebu City Hardcore Band Gardo Announce New Album – Sell Out of Physical Copies

Now that’s the way you do it…in this day in age when those outdated things called “major labels” have been crying about the decline in sales of physical releases, it’s always cool to see that in the underground world, what happens in the mainstream world just doesn’t apply.

Cebu City hardcore band Gardo is case in point.

The band just announced the release of their brand new album Release with the following statement:

“Drawing inspirations from FIRST BLOOD, SWORN ENEMY, LAMB OF GOD, TERROR, FINAL PRAYER and Cebu City Hardcore Powerhouse MEA CULPA comes 8 crushing tracks from this Hardcore Heavyweights!”

Two days later the band said all physical copies are now sold out:

“As the album is set to be released next week for limited copies. Messages droppin our inboxes from dudes just to secure a copy. So before its release, the album is now SOLD OUT!!! There will be no re-production. We would like to thank everyone for all the love and support!!! Much appreciated!”

Isn’t that insane? The band just decided to be clever about it and make a limited run of physical copies – and by doing so, got a great buzz going and within days – sold that shit out! SICK. What is the quantity? Not a lot. But who fucking cares. It’s hardcore – if you’re in it thinking you’ll be selling MASS QUANTITIES you’re in the wrong genre dawg.

We’re pushing the Gardo guys to put up the digital version so that the rest of us outside of the Philippines can jam those tracks!!! Can’t wait to hear it!

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