Cambodian Blackened Crust Band Reign In Slumber Release Debut EP

From the ashes of metal bands Sliten6ix and Novacaine Nothing, a new phoenix arises in the way of blackened crust band Reign In Slumber out of the mean streets of Cambodia. Those reverb drenched vocals screaming in despair is enough to make us fall in love with this manic act. Check out these 5 tracks and go spread the word ASAP.

According to the vocalist/bassist Tin, “After the breakup of Sliten6ix, Alan and I decided to create Reign in Slumber, with the help of our former guitarist Nara and Ronan. The scene here [Cambodia] is almost non-existent, so to stop making this type of music would be a shame.”

The band is looking forward to hitting the road. Hit ’em up! Check out the band live further below.

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