BLAST THIS NOW! Filipino hardcore-punk Give Chance to Run launch bandcamp

Give Chance to Run


Yo man for real…if you follow our posts – in the past half hour I’ve put up links to 4 INSANELY incredible Asian bands who have put out things in the past few weeks that are straight up un-fucking-believable.

Add this to that LIST!

Philippines’ Give Chance to Run is a newer band that has exploded on the scene with songs that incorporate hardcore, punk rock, metal, groove, anything under the umbrella of heavy music to create a sound that is truly their own (Vocalist goes from sounding like singer of Snapcase to pop-punk within the same verse! WHAT?! Dude’s got some skills!). The only thing better then listening to their debut EP, is watching them live! And the only thing better then that is the fact that the dudes in the band are cool as fuck.

Check out this 5 song EP down below and turn those speakers up LOUD. You’re going to want to blast the fuck out of this.

The man behind the kit, Kiko, just quickly told me that they’re already planning up a follow up to this collection of sweet yet intense and original hardcore tracks with another release that should be out early 2016.

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