Blast This Now! Shenzhen Hardcore Band Shoot The Gun Drop Debut Album ‘Less Is More’

Go blast this badass 8 track album by our dudes in Shenzhen [China] hardcore band Shoot The Gun. You literally feel every ounce of the past 5 years of their lives bleeding out of the speakers as you listen to these 5 dudes put everything into this debut album entitled ‘Less Is More’.

The band originally formed in May of 2015 as a bunch of passionate homies toiled through their dayjobs yet spent their nights at shows or renting by-the-hour rehearsal rooms creating hard-hitting music that reflected the lives they led. Through bits and pieces of experiences and thoughts collected over the past 5 years, the band is now here to present to a solid debut album.

The album’s artwork was created by their drummer who had this to say about it:

“Living in a large city like Shenzhen it’s easy for us to feel lost amongst all the shine. The artwork here is trying to capture that loss of purpose. I actually started coming up with this idea back in 2016-2017 when our old bass player, Ger, was encouraging us to record the album (Thanks Ger!), but we were caught up with life at the time. Our singer David had a baby, our guitarist Jet was lazy, actually, we were all lazy. Then we hit hell in 2020 with the COVID crisis. Our new bassist Sam is actually from Hong Kong and so this entire year he wasn’t able to come up to Shenzhen. We haven’t seen him in almost an entire year! It was during this epidemic that we realized that all of us seemed to have more time to write and record. When I finished the first draft the entire band was on board and felt a feeling of connection to the art. The feeling of powerlessness and loss is what is being portrayed here.”

The album is being released on CD format and will be available at this weekend’s CNHC Fest in Hangzhou.

Go support the band NOW and FOREVER.

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