Big Day For Chinese Hardcore – Hardcore Band Gaiwaer Drop Debut Album ‘Incoming’

Chengdu Hardcore repre-fucking-sent!!! So excited to share this with the world…Chengdu based hardcore band Gaiwaer has been straight killing it from the day the band was formed 6 years ago. The band has unleashed of awesomely curated and shot music videos (all streaming below) but one of our favorite things the band has ever done was when they took over a McDonalds in Chengdu and put on a show there! SO DOPE!!! Historic CNHC moment man…full video right fucking 👇

Now the music on the band’s debut full length Incoming.

Vocally the band has the full Comeback Kid dynamic in the phrasing and overall tone. That raspiness shows my brother fucking doesn’t hold back on his vocals – it’s years of shit he’s been dealing with that comes roaring out of him on the mic. The shit feels REAL. Musically, the band is an amalgamation of hardcore punk from Comeback Kid to Terror to more melodic stuff like H2O (like on the super melodic track 硬抗命), but the band also slowly moves into much heavier, much darker, much more riff-heavy stuff as well like on the track Life in the music video below. Which is all great because it shows a sign that the band is open to continue to try new elements as they move forward in their art. SICK.

On the track Plastic Cat is what really gets us excited…we got into hardcore because of the MESSAGE of the music. We don’t mean songs about “unity”. That’s great – but after a hundred thousand songs about “unity”, we actually want to know what is it that a band believes in. When Sick of it All sang about racism and social ills on Just Look Around, that was something that we had never heard before. And THAT will always be what hardcore means to us. Bands that look at social/political problems and aren’t scared to scream and sing about it. On Plastic Cat Gaiwaier starts talking about environmental damage by our overuse of plastics. NICE. The band also released a music video tied with tons of video content to help accentuate their passion for this issue. That to us is what hardcore is about – finding issues that bands are passionate about and singing about it so more people are aware of the issues.

Go jam my dudes in Gaiwaier debut album! The band has purposely added more English lyrical content on this release in order to be able to communicate with the world beyond the borders of China. GO SUPPORT ‘EM!

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