Beijing Hardcore Stalwarts Unregenerate Blood Release Music Video and CNHC Fest Wrap Up

Beijing hardcore stalwarts Unregerenate Blood literally just performed at the 9th annual CNHC Fest that was held in Hangzhou this past weekend, and days after the show, the band was able to collect tons of video and photos from their set to put together a KILLER brand new music video for a track entitled ‘Stand As One’. The track comes off the band’s second full-length ‘Still Young! Still Angry’ streaming further below.

When we asked the vocalist, Li You, for his thoughts about the video itself…he was his usual humble self.

“There was actually plan to release a video or anything like that. I just noticed Fang Wen – the vocalist of Shenzhen melodic hardcore band What A Beautiful Day – was running around all over the place taking photos and tons of videos. So I asked him if he was interested in putting stuff together to create a music video. You won’t believe how quick he was. We were literally on the train out of Hangzhou and we received the first cut of the video already! Hahahahahaha…we LOVE this guy!”

As for the 9th edition of the CNHC Fest, the organizers this year teamed up with Hangzhou Punk Fest and the result was spectacular! “We had a total of more than 400 people attend this year! This was the largest turnout we’ve had in MANY years. The reality is, 2020 has been fucking hell for all of us all over the world. It’s been depressing and I even considered canceling this year’s edition. But my co-conspirators who run Real Deal with me, 杨金水 and 于思佳, worked hard to make it happen.

The result was 2 nights of the entire country of China celebrating our hardcore and punk rock scene.”

Luckily, we were able to hit up Fang Wen because we quickly found out that he took SPECTACULAR photos across those two days and he was kind enough to send us his favorite ones.

“About 10 years ago, when I first came into contact with hardcore music, it was a performance in Shenzhen by a band called King Ly Chee from Hong Kong. At the time I was deeply impressed by the impact of the performance and what the band said. It helped me positively face the language of life. I then went on to search for more information and understand the ethics behind hardcore. I was especially moved by the spirit of PMA. Later I also formed my own band – What A Beautiful Day. In the past few years, after having a family and children, I have realized that a positive attitude is very important.

This year is the 9th edition of the annual CNHC Fest – I’ve been to 7 out of the 9. It is an annual pilgrimage by the entire country’s hardcore enthusiasts. The years I didn’t attend was due to the birth of my child.

This year, Li You of Unregreenrate Blood said it was the first time they were going to team up with Hangzhou Punk Fest. After hearing this I decided this was the first time I was going to go up and document the event. When I got there I just wanted to record everyone’s vibe and state of being. I want more people to understand the beauty and depth of this culture and that in hardcore it’s not just the bands that are important, it’s everything on and off stage as well and the people involved that make hardcore “hardcore”.”

Out of the hundreds of photos he took – he sent his favorite 10 below.

Huge congrats to everyone involved in organizing the fest, all the bands that took part, and of course the 400 plus people who came out to support the Chinese hardcore and punk rock community!

Next year is the BIG 10th-anniversary of CNHC Fest and plans are already in the works to make it AWESOME!

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