Basic Punk Gear author Mariam Bastani discusses importance of zine – looking to collaborate

Written by Mariam Bastani

This zine was originally created for a two-hour workshop that my friend Alex and I had on March 12, 2017 at Faith/Void Record store in Toronto, ON Canada. This zine was made to supplement hands-on learning with gear, essentially setting up a DIY show. The order of the zine is the order of the workshop. I did the drums and PA and Alex did the guitars. We just wanted to put together this basic guide covering areas that we had to learn about through the years.

Among other things, I have been doing DIY shows, touring with bands and playing in bands for many years and realize that anyone doing the same has acquired a whole lot of knowledge about the ins and outs of putting on a punk show. I don’t play drums, but I know the parts of a basic punk kit out of necessity. Often the only time we think to ask questions about instruments or a PA is when a crisis happens at a show, yet somehow we make it keep going. Punks can’t always do things the easy way, but we have learned through trial and error — It is part of our history and we should be confident in that. For many reasons, it can be intimidating to ask some of these questions, but everyone should have access to this information. It’s not secret or for an elite set, it’s for all punks because we all participate to keep punk alive. You don’t have to be in a band, you just have to be involved and we all have different entry points into punk. No shame in that!

Alex and I aren’t experts, but we sort of are… Punks are experts in DIY, we make it happen with what we have. After befriending Alex, this was a way for me to participate in the TO punk scene after moving here a few months ago. Spreading this around is a way for us to further participate in a global scene, because that’s what we are: Global. Not one scene is more important than another.

If anyone out there wants to add anything or has any constructive suggestions, please email me and we will try to get the info together. This is a living zine. If anything changes, I will credit you for the suggestion, resend you the edited zine and post it online. If any international punks want to collaborate to make a version for their specific scene, please contact me. Copy and Share this as you like, the only request is that it remain FREE.

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