Bangladesh Death Metal Act ChronicleS Release Artwork For New Demo

Bangladesh death metal band ChronicleS has released art for their upcoming demo ‘ASTŌDĀN’.

We don’t usually consider artwork for a demo “news” but we don’t get much information sent from Bangladesh so we’ll gladly put this up. Any of your heavy music heads in Bangladesh make sure to send us your info!

“This demo is influenced by ancient occult Zoroastrianism Which highlights the, practise of irreverence, inhumation and blasphemy. Homage to the ancient one, incorrigibility of Angra-mainyu and druj-nasu. Ossuary to dafma darkest and iniquitous ritual rites. The earliest attestation of an ancient cult, ASTŌDĀN encrusted with Zoroastrianism ancient Iranian funerary rites, temple cult of fire and darkest ritualistic existence. This artwork indicates the occultism of Angra-Mainyu, and buried decomposition ritual at, dakhma( tower of silence).”

ASTŌDĀN, “bone-receptacle, ossuary” (Persian sotōdān), from ast- “oss, bone” and -dāna “container, receptacle.” The term has an important place in the vocabulary of ancient Iranian funerary rites.

This cult artwork done by @Xenomorphic manifestation.

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