Asian Greats Typecast Announce 20 Year Anniversary Series of Shows

Man…we’ve been following our brothers in Typecast for almost their entire 20 year journey. The first real recollection we have of them was probably sitting in a hotel room in Manila back in the early 2000’s. Until that moment the only exchanges we had with the band were via email (probably hotmail back then??), and the band always came off as crazy humble, making us assume that they weren’t necessarily that big of a band.

Boy were we wrong.

While sitting in the hotel room (we played in a band called King Ly Chee and were on tour with NOFX at the time), suddenly their a music video comes on TV and it was Typecast! “The hell??? This band is HUGE!” Later that night after the show, they all came to say what’s up and it was so amazing to finally meet the guys and realize that they were just a bunch of fans of emo to punk rock to hardcore – AND KNOW THEIR SHIT.

Oh…this is what they looked like at the time 🙂

That initial encounter with the band explains why the band is so loved (and revered) at the same time…their humility comes through their heartfelt music. Their live show oozes genuine emotion and thoughtfulness to their craft AND audience…no wonder 20 years later, the band’s light only shines brighter and stronger.

Typecast rules.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary they’ve organized a series of shows to take place in November. Check out the dates and info below:

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