Art Punk Band TsuShiMaMiRe Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary [Japan]

Formed in 1999, the Tokyo legendary Alt-Rock trio TsuShiMaMiRe will celebrate their 25th-anniversary album with a worldwide tour this year (2024). Spreading intense emotions and raw energy via thousands of live performances, 16 US and 7 European tours, and 20 full-length album releases. Their music has been featured on TV, film, animation, and video games. Following the new upcoming 20th full-length ‘Mizumono (バンドは水物)’.

“バンドは水物 (pr. bando wa mizumono) is a phrase we made up and have used since our 10th anniversary. It roughly means that being a band is a gamble (Mizumono); a matter of chance, unpredictable, and out of anyone’s control. No one knows what the future holds!”, said Mari (Gt/Vo TsuShiMaMiRe).

11 tracks prepared by TsuShiMaMiRe inside ‘Mizumono (バンドは水物)’, including ‘Show You My Soy Sauce’ that is part of Adult Swim compilation ‘Japan Is Loud’ (with Boris, Otoboke Beaver, Mophing People, Melt Banana, etc). TsuShiMaMiReʼs musical style ranges from hardcore noise to introspective indie rock, with traces of heavy funk disco and pop sentimentality. The never-ending big energy to stay consistent and keep rocking the world!

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