Anti Racist Skinhead Who Led The Fight Against Malay Power Bands Speaks To Us

The Ipoh based anti racist skinhead who recently successfully led the fight to get a show featuring Malay power bands canceled, has spoken to us about his motivation on making sure that any of these so-called “skinheads” gets stamped the fuck out in Malaysia.

Why did you choose to be proactive about making sure this show didn’t go through?
In Ipoh, we have been actively fighting against this bonehead neo-Nazi group called Ipoh Rioters. This is the symbol they go under:

Can you tell us more about this group? What are they all about?
In Kuala Lumpur there’s a group of neo-Nazis that go under the name KL Troopers. It’s a bunch of people who use the fashion of skinheads and punks but try to incorporate racist and violent elements into their brand of “skinheads”. The oddest thing about all of these scums are that if you ever meet them on the street, they will never proudly claim they’re Nazis. Instead, they’ll say that they’re traditional skinheads and just say that they’re okay with hanging out with Nazis. But if they’re within a bigger crowd like at a show that features members of KL Troopers or Northern Riot (from Penang) then suddenly they’re more brazen and will try to cause trouble.

Why is their logo in Arabic?
It symbolizes Malaysia because most Malaysians are Muslims. The weapons in the logo are Keris (dagger) which is an old weapon used by Malay warriors and symbolizes strength.

So in terms of the crew in Ipoh, realistically, how many people are we talking about?
Hahahahaha…like 30 TOPS. What I don’t understand is that if you’re Malay power, then why would you be using the culture of foreigners that doesn’t belong to Malay people to spread your message?

Hahahahaha…that’s true!
They should be wearing Baju Melayu instead of Fred Perry and Doc Martens!


When these different racist crews from around Malaysia come to perform, how do they find venues that will host their events?
What they do is they go look around for any studios or space. Then what they do is talk to the owners but never mention who they are or what they’re about. And honestly, sometimes even people who are attending the shows have no idea that the bands they’re watching are actually Nazis. They have no idea what SHARP or skinheads are. The owners of these establishments are just there to make a quick buck so their focus is making a profit. So what I do is as soon as I find out that a show is taking place that features any of these racists scums, I contact the owners of the venues and tell them all about these bands and what they’re racist ideologies are.

In this instance, how did you approach the venue owner?
I texted the owner to set up a time to meet them. I wanted to sit down in a formal manner and talk to them. Try my best to explain to them the ideology of “Malay power”. I tried my best to explain to them that these groups of people are NOT skinheads and are not punks. I also explained to them the connection between their racist ideologies and the vile human being who attacked the mosques in New Zealand last week. I brought with them proof of their ideologies and how it’s connected to Nazis such as the words Darah Maruah which stands for Blood & Honor which was the Nazi youth motto:

And then what did the owner say?
He said he never knew about any of this and if I didn’t tell him then he would’ve never found out. He agreed to cancel the show and return the deposit.

It makes me wonder if there is any way to inform every single venue throughout the country?
Yes. But not all venues understand what we’re fighting for, and many of the owners are just trying to make a profit.

It’s crazy that this Malay power bullshit even exists. It makes me think how little education the idiots in these bands have?
For us Malaysian skinheads and punks, we have tried so hard to educate these people and try to show them the truth. But they’ve ignored all our attempts and still run around seig heiling and wearing swastika patches on their clothing.

Is their actually an ultimate goal for them?
I think they don’t have any idea what they want to accomplish. Seriously. Malay power is very similar to “white power” overseas, they both have no idea what they actually stand for. It’s all based on fear and ignorance. These Malay power bands have a strange fear that other races are here to put them down.

So it’s all misguided and based on complete ignorance…
Yes. They want the Malay race to look like the dominant race in Malaysia.

Last thoughts?
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