Alt-Rocker Kasa Pens Emotional Song About Child Neglect ‘Daughter’ [Hong Kong]

On our personal socials the other day we posted about how awesome it is when mainstream artists use their ENORMOUS platforms to sing about important issues instead of the typical relationship-breakdown, heartbreaks, songs that get regurgitated every day of every single year out of thousands of production houses all over the world like iPhones being manufactured by the thousands. This sentiment was based on two particular songs recently that we heard from hugely successful mainstream singers that address issues dealing with harassment of women across all areas.

By way of the artists above, we stumbled upon this awesome European singer Angele who also released a poignant song dealing with sexism inspired by the French Me Too movement.

We bring all this up because a good friend of ours, Kasa out of Hong Kong, just released a beautiful track about an important issue – child neglect. Kasa’s background may be rocking out as a vocalist of bands like Seasons for Change and Soul of Ears, but he is a classroom teacher. He used a personal experience to pen this great song titled ‘Daughter’. He was kind enough to send in the information below.

“‘AUTUMN’ is my 2nd single release as KASA. It also includes a song called ‘Daughter’.

These two songs were produced a long time ago actually. Like with all the music I do alone, I record and mix it myself so that’s why it doesn’t have that ‘professional’ finish.

And that is why I struggled to release music on my own. It costs a lot to get music professionally recorded and mixed. I never felt that my DIY work was good enough for release. So I actually have a lot of acoustic-pop songs written over the years I never released. They represented a time when I continually made music purely for fun and to get my feelings out. Writing songs was therapeutic for me.

I released a lyric video of ‘Autumn’ years ago on Facebook. I didn’t see much response and barely had any support. That kind of put me off so I deleted it off Facebook.”

“Then like a year ago, my friends who were shopping in IKEA heard my voice. Turns out it was the song ‘Autumn’! I was so surprised, it was playing on loop for quite some time in IKEA. So someone actually liked the song! That inspired me to get it out. I tried to find out who it was that played my song. Still a mystery but I’m very thankful to that person for inspiring me to get my music out.

‘Daughter’ is a very personal song that I wrote years ago. It was based on an experience I had dealing with a negligent parent. It was really sad and frustrating. I encounter many questionable parents in my teaching life. The song is a message to those parents. These poor kids deserve so much better and there’s only so much a teacher, or school can help. If there’s no support from home then…it’s really hard to make a positive change for a child.

I’m currently working towards an EP or album. I’d say my motivation for what I’m doing solo was the fact that I feel like I want to start a family soon and that strong feeling made me want to push myself more. It made me more fearless to judgment. If my song can connect with a few people that already makes me so happy. I’m so grateful for the love I have in my life now.”

Go check out the song below…have a box of tissues nearby. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!