Indian singer songwriter Rahul Guha Roy releases full length


“After 2 years of recording, salvaging, selection and post-production, Calcutta indie label Amuze Records released Rahul Guha Roy’s live solo album ‘Portraiture: Rahul Guha Roy Live Across Calcutta’. It is recorded over a period of one and half years around different venues in Calcutta by Amuze Records owner and sound-engineer Arijit Chakraborty. This album is a compilation of covers ranging from Bob Dylan to Frances Yip. He also covered our Indian blue-grass legend Lou Majaw who happens to be his ‘Guru’. Apart from these, an American folk, a Gospel and a Swahili folk number is also included in the album. Apart from the covers, this album does include one unreleased original ‘Needy Blues’ that has two versions in the album.

Rahul Guha Roy is a singer-songwriter and heads an international rock band called Cassini’s Division. This album is his second solo project since 2014. Apart from his rock act and other acts he is involved with, he is also famous as a cover artist. This album is thus named ‘Portraiture’ to showcase one of his faces.

The album was recorded completely live and left untouched without any overdub. Some songs only have some additions of guitar lines because during the recording, recorder failed, gears got broken on stage, accompanying musician fumbled and stopped playing and many other flops had happened.

The album is currently available in all major online stores including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, Spotify, Gaana, Saavn, Shazam, etc and in select Indian physical stores. It is also available for doorstep delivery, but only in India.

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