Filipino American band Ordinary Neighbors release photobook

year two

Filipino American punk rocker Joe Calixto of Ordinary Neighbors fame has released a 28 page photo book entitled Year Two which you can order at the link below. Joe quickly sent us some information for you guys to learn more about this project and his clear passion for photography:

YEAR TWO is a 28 page photo book from the 2nd year of me living in Northern California. It consists of 90 photos of bands like American Nightmare, Envy, The Get Up Kids, Pianos Become The Teeth, The Wonder Years and from from different festivals like Aklasan Fest (Filipino-American Hardcore/Punk fest), Warped Tour and Psycho California. I’ve been taking photos of concerts for almost 9 years. From basement shows to the big concert venues to huge theaters. I’ll shoot it if its in front of me. I’ve always wanted to put out a book showing people my work. It’s kinda like bringing the show to people who couldn’t make it. That’s what motivates me to do this stuff in the first place.

year two

I’ve been photographing forever as far as I can remember but almost 9 years consistently. I started taking pictures of skateboarding but my love for documenting things led me taking photos at local shows. The last 9 years I’ve found myself shooting unknown hardcore/punk/emo/indie bands at basement/house shows to bands I’ve only dreamt of seeing at venues I’ve only dreamt of shooting in. My work has been published a few times at magazines like New Noise Magazine, Alternative Press and Maximum Rock and Roll and countless DIY Zines.

year two

I just love to contribute and be part of something great for the community.

I’ll pretty much shoot any show but it’s always a good hardcore show that hits close to home for me. Stage dives, mic grabs, head walking, jumpshots.. photographing shows like that is my comfort zone.”

year two

BOOK INFO: The book can be purchased at:

If you’re interested in distributing this photo book please get in touch with him at this email address! He’d like to confirm an Asian distributor to help save on shipping (that sentence looks weird – I don’t mean he’s looking for a distributor of Asian descent! Hahahahaha…I mean, he is literally looking for a distribtuor(s) who is currently LIVING out here in Asia!):

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