THIS IS SO GOOD! Indonesian punk rock band Raung knock it out the ballpark!


Holy shit…this is how I want to start every morning – with a submission in my inbox from an AMAZING Asian rock band! Please do yourself a favor and press play on the song down below by Indonesian punk band Raung who have just released their debut album entitled Utara. They are self-described as a crossover band that combines elements of rock, blues and thrash to create something solely their own. Yo – this is no joke…all these elements put together really does them well. Just check out the tracks of rock n’ roll power below…this SHIT RIPS!!! Their press release states that the members are all well known in the Medan hardcore scene (members are from the following bands: Not Delusion, Empatbelas and Leg To Decay) which to me clearly means that these guys are experienced musicians which shows as clear as day on the quality of their songs!


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