Great video documentary about Ein Second Combat and his path to straight edge

second combat

One of the most important short documentaries of the Malaysian hardcore scene that you will see this year.

These past couple of months a lot of great insightful entities have come out documenting the Southeast Asian heavy music scene. One was in the form of a video documentary entitled The Other Option, and the other was a book called The Banana Punk Rawk Trails. Though both of these were interesting to read through and watch, none of it really presented anything new in terms of giving us Asians who already live in this area and well-versed in the comings and goings of the Asian scene much more vital or useful information. Both these great things are certainly more geared towards people outside of Asia as a way for them to get more of an idea of what’s going on out here.

This documentary however – is completely what us Asians would be interested in seeing. It’s not a general summary, but an in-depth look at the life of a, dare I say it, iconic member of the Malaysian punk/hardcore community, certainly someone that will go down in history as a name that gets associated with MYHC. His name is Ein and he sings for a band called Second Combat, Malaysia’s first straight edge hardcore band, that is been active since the 90’s. Not only has he been involved with that band, but he also began something called Drug Free¬†Youth Association. When we first started this site last year, he was instantly one of the first people we wanted to interview:

In this documentary, though short, he chronicles the trials and tribulations of his life that led him to the path of the world of sobriety and the straight edge lifestyle. It’s a really insightful documentary about the road that a certain reflective Malaysian kid took to find himself at the door step of punk rock and hardcore, and how that door truly saved his life.

This isn’t a story about a dude in the USA or Europe finding his way…it’s about someone from right here in Malaysia. His story truly rings true for me in many ways, and I’m glad to hear some camaraderie and a voice from somewhere who looks closer to me then the documentaries and videos I normally see that talk about punk rock and hardcore.

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