6 Piece Experimental Metal Band Spithope Not Messing Around On Debut Track [India]

Spithope is an experimental metal band from India and on this their debut track off their upcoming EP, Talab, they don’t fail to deliver! Check out the track below and a little bit of a write up from the band:

“Our EP revolves around the concept of implicating the factors responsible for molding our lives. Being born into these pre-existing ideals, forces us to not be what we fully could be. If only it wasn’t for the burden of these hereditary thoughts, the changes that take decades to take effect would be a matter of moments.

Each song from our EP speaks about different aspects of how these vividly melding ideas have been inculcated in our minds and if we were to elevate ourselves from these, the possibilities would be endless. A few songs speak about the authoritative oppression we face while others tackle more controversial topics like Religion and Narcotics. But each of them is with the hope to create a new perspective of looking at the charade we’ve been playing with ourselves and be free. The intent behind each song is that even if it helps another person who grew up in the same circumstances overcome the situation and get some comfort, that’s more than enough for us.

As far as the concept behind our album art brings the very same idea to life. The evil entity has the goddess restrained or rather entombed within itself. The demon here represents the simulated world we are born into, blinded by presumptions and delusions of a prescribed fate. The scene depicts the moment of awakening as the goddess first sees the fantasy world, created in the belly of the beast, for what it really is.


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