Punk Band Fallen Kids Release Lyric Video Regarding Current Political Climate [Sri Lanka]

Sri Lankan punk band Fallen Kids have released a lyric video for the track Anarchy (It’s What the Country Needs).

The band had this to say about the lyrical content:

“Anarchy (It’s What the Country Needs) was released on 13th of August As Sri Lanka kicked off it’s presidential election campaigns. The song mainly talks about the abuse carried out by the President and the current politicians to the nation and it’s people.”

“While the music video might be considered “controversial” in some way, the album art itself stands out as it contains a picture of the current president of Sri Lanka. The art is directly inspired by the legendary hit “God Save The Queen” by the Sex Pistols. With all of this one would consider this new single is a defiant slap on the face to the current establishment in Sri Lanka by the Fallen Kids.

“…. I hate how people still willing to rely on politicians. This president is simply a joke. The Previous one was a thief. And the next ain’t gonna be better either. And people need to realize just because a new president will emerge doesn’t mean that you’ll be saved! This is the cave mind notion most people have in this island. They’re still blinded by the traditions and old ways of their parents, passed down for generations like a blindfold. And some choose to pretend to be ignorant spineless cowards. If we can gather up against the government whenever they push the limits they will back down. Unity, the power of the people is the ultimate answer to freedom. You know, like Hong Kong these days. This is what was running through my mind when I was writing Anarchy, to connect with the like minded individuals and connect them all through the song…” -Tso Roshan, frontman / Songwriter.


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