Periphery rock Singapore last night but not without an issue with a tiny portion of concert goers

Periphery rocked Singapore last night but not without an issue with a tiny portion of concert goers. According to promoters Street Noise who made the announcement below there was a tiny incident with some inconvenienced attendees who for some reason were so upset about waiting in line a little longer then usual that they actually spat at security? What world are we living in? You have an issue with the band’s delay and then you take out your anger on your OWN citizens? You realize that promoters are all working for YOUR scene correct?

We asked Eric behind Street Noise for a little more information about the bands delays:

“Visa stuff, huge luggage and equipment, and airline delays. Things happen man. It was all beyond their control but they made it here. And I just want to add: I think fans have to realise that touring bands are just as human as anyone else. They want to do their best so fans gotta understand that. Periphery’s attitude yesterday was ace. They didn’t let their fans down.”

Here’s the full statement. Let us know what you think in the comments…

“When a band makes it a point just to fly over to make a show happen for their fans despite having their flights being changed 3 times beyond their control, you do not go whining in the queue. Periphery boys went without food straight into venue soundcheck, made sure the sound was the way it should be, and made sure everything was tip-top before opening their doors to the fans. You respect that. You simply just respect that.

To the 99.9% fans who waited patiently while the crew and band worked their ass out non-stop … thank you … you were amazing tonight Singapore!

To the 0.1% who spit and spat at the security team and abused our crew for the delayed flights and all, you are not welcomed at our shows … now or ever. Please stick to watching your pirated DVDs at home. Live shows are not for you.

Thank you Periphery! Onward to the next show in Bangkok!

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